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In today’s economic climate being what it is, many people battle to pay their debts timeously.  Later, when they recover financially or when the debt has been settled in full, the Judgment remains against their name, which has a direct detrimental effect on their creditworthiness. This also plays a big role in bond financing when houses are bought as you will not be able to qualify for a bond if you have been blacklisted or a Judgment has been noted against your name.

There seems to be a general misconception that a Judgment against your name is removed once the debt has been settled which unfortunately is not the case.  We assist you in having the Judgment removed if we have:

Confirmation that the debt has been settled

Proof of address

Copy of your identity document

Consent form to be signed allowing us access to your credit records

Payment of flat fee of R1 500,00 (if Judgment is in Uitenhage or Port Elizabeth area)

The prerequisites are that the debt must be settled.

We currently have a turnaround time of roughly 7 work days.

We also offer credit checks on behalf of our clients at a rate of R150,00 per credit bureau (there are 4 main bureau’s), as well as Deeds Searches to determine if parties have properties registered in their names or not.

In terms of the New Credit Act, Judgments are supposed to be removed from a debtor’s name automatically after 5 years after date of Judgment, but we do find that this does not happen.

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