About Debt Collections

We have a highly efficient Debt Recovery department. We ensure that all matters are effectively attended to on behalf of our clients.  Our clients receive monthly reports on their matters with details regarding payments received on their behalf, as well as the progress made on their matters.

The process includes the issuing of summons, obtaining Judgment, Emoluments Attachment Orders (a Court Order for monies to be deducted from the debtor's salary), Warrants of Execution against movable property, obtaining urgent orders against bank accounts temporarily freezing them, etc.

We act on behalf of clients such as doctors, cash loan businesses and individuals.

We strive at all times to obtain maximum recoveries for clients at the lowest possible costs.

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Uitenhage Branch

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39 Baird Street


South Africa


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Tel:   (041) 992-5550
Fax:  (041) 992-5551


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7 Bird Street


Port Elizabeth



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Tel: 041 8200455 / 041 4504475


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