Divorce Matters

Both pre-divorce and post-divorce assistance. Situations and circumstances change after divorce and therefore many divorce decrees need to be amended after the fact.  In this regard it might relate to primary residence of the children that need to be changed, access of parents to their children need to be amended and scrutinized (here the Family Advocate aids us by doing a thorough investigation with all parties involved), estates need to be divided or Deed of Settlements need to be adhered to and the court's help is required to enforce certain parts of agreements.

When parties do not agree at all, application can be made to appoint a liquidator, in other words someone who sees to the division of assets and liabilities when parties cannot agree. Such liquidators can then also see to the transfer of properties (for example where the one party refuses to vacate a property that need to be sold after a divorce), the payment of all debts from such sale, and the division of movable assets (furniture, cars, etc.)

We often do divorce matters where custody of children are in dispute.  The Family Advocate's Office here will then draft a report after investigating the matter thoroughly, whilst always keeping the best interests of the child as their main objective.  Gone are the days of the father of children only being allowed to see them every second weekend and half of holidays.  In terms of the new Children's Act, both parents are now holders of responsibilities and right. This effectively means that both parents have equal say.  We have also found that more and more parents move towards mediation of their respective disputes and that children are also encouraged to have a say in their own wellbeing.  It is also encouraged that parents discuss the arrangements made for the children post and during divorce. Here the help of psychologists specialising in children is invaluable.  We work with a few of the psychologists in Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and surrounding areas, who can and will assist children in accepting and coping with the changes that a divorce inevitably brings.

Post Divorce Amendments

Enforcing the decree of Divorce

Pension Funds

Many parties never claim their half portions of their ex spouse's Pension Interest.We assist them in claiming their rightful share.Many decrees of divorce do not specify the Pension Fund correctly and we then, if needs be,amend their decrees to fall within the prescribed ambit of the law or the Pension Fund's rules, or claiming payment of their half share of the Pension Interest as held by the ex spouse's Pension Fund Administrators.

Seperation Agreements

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