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We are a dynamic legal firm with offices in both Uitenhage and Port Elizabeth. The Uitenhage firm first opened its doors on the 1st of March 1999 and moved to it's current premises in 2001, whilst we were necessitated to open a Port-Elizabeth branch in 2007. Our Port-Elizabeth offices are strategically situated at 11 Bird Street, Central, Port Elizabeth - directly opposite the High Court, and down the road from the Family Advocate’s offices. The UItenhage offices are situated in the historical Charter House Building which was erected in 1837 and which was purcashed from Trevor Wait in 2001.

At present we have two qualified attorneys, two candidate attorneys, three paralegals, a full time bookkeeper and accounts clerk and various other support staff members - totaling 12 staff members at present.

Our firm is small enough to care and experienced enough to offer professional service. Out staff is always accessible via email,text message or telephone, and we pride ourselves in being committed,caring and above all approachable. Comunication is key to our success and we have learnt over the years that you need to fully understand your client in order to represent them efficiently.


Our legal fees are determined by the Cape Law Society and we discuss the payment plan that we have with each individual client. We focus on keeping our bills to doing essential work only and do not incur unnecessary costs by keeping mattters ongoing that can be settled. Clients pay us in affordable monthly instalments that we agree upon and regular bills are sent to clients to keep them informed and up to date.If it is in your best interests to settle a matter we will advise your accordingly.

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Our services:

  • Divorce matters
  • Maintenance – arrear, new cases, future maintenance.
  • Pension fund claims
  • Mediation
  • Protection orders / Family violence matters
  • Primary residence of children (custody of children)
  • Liquidation orders
  • Antenuptial contracts
  • Co-habitation agreements
  • Collections
  • Legal correspondence work
  • Blacklisting removals
  • Eviction orders
  • Debt administration
  • Delictual Claims
  • Rental collections / agreements
  • Property transfers
  • Drafting of contracts

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Uitenhage Branch

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39 Baird Street


South Africa


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Tel:   (041) 992-5550
Fax:  (041) 992-5551


PE Branch

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7 Bird Street


Port Elizabeth



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Tel: 041 8200455 / 041 4504475


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