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Many clients have been disappointed with the option of Debt Counseling and have elected to return to Debt Administration instead. The main difference between the two is that a Debt Counseling matter cannot assist you to remove a ganrhisee order from your salary advice, or assist you once the legal process has been started against you for an amount owing. An Administration Order can assist.

An Administration Order is a Court Order that intervenes between creditor and debtor. An order is obtained that restricts you from making any further debt, and keeps your creditors at bay. The constant threat of having your salary garnished or furntire removed falls away and you can continue with your life . For an agreed monthly amount that you can afford, the Court places you under Administration.  The amount that you then pay your administrator, is divided amongst all your creditors on a three monthly basis.  There are certain costs that are payable to your administrator that is prescribed by Law and that will be explained to you prior to the application being processed.

We have clients under Administration at our offices in the Eastern Cape area and represent clients from Kirkwood, Despatch, Uitenhage and Port Elizabeth. Garnishee orders absorb the biggest portion of many of our clients' salaries every month which then leads to the vicous circle of having to borrow even more money in order to survive. Many clients are disillusioned with the service that they receive from Debt Councillors and prefer to be placed under Administration at a legal firm. We have been doing administrations for nearly two decades and offer a personal service where we work with you and on your instructions.

We place clients under Administration if their debts do not exceed R50 000,00 and if they have a monthly income. Documents required include:


Salary advices

Identity documents

Proof of all debts

Bank statements

We do not require a deposit in order for us to place you under Administration.

Administration should not be seen as a permanent solution to your debt . One should never lose track of the fact that all debts incur interest and as such, we encourage our clients to pay as much as they can afford so that they can have the Administration rescinded later and return to managing their own finances in time. Administration Orders should be seen as a short term breather¬Ě and not as a quick fix to a larger problem.

Clients are welcome to view their files at any time and are requested to visit our offices with updates of amounts owing that they might receive. We protect them from garnishee orders on their salaries and also against creditors who constantly harass clients for payment of debts. Creditors have to contact us for payments in future, once the Order has been granted and may no longer pursue our clients once they have been placed under Administration.

Unlike many other Administrators, we rescind an Administration Order if our client requests us to do so and we render detailed accounts if so requested by our clients.

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